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Get more value from your vehicle data

When it comes to effectively managing your fleet, connectivity is key. Lightfoot can help you optimise fleet performance both on and off the road with seamless software and hardware integrations, providing you with all the tools you need to streamline your business processes, share and centralise data, and make informed decisions in all areas of your fleet.

Coaching smoother driving through advanced in-cab technology

Bring your fleet data together

Integration with the Lightfoot API allows you to pull real-time fleet data into third-party software applications, so you can capture all the relevant information in one place. By connecting Lightfoot to your back-office systems and other business solutions, you’re able to enhance the value of each application and make it easier to analyse data, report on insights, take necessary action, and collaborate across departments. From routing and scheduling software to fuelling systems, vehicle trackers to internal driver databases, and fleet compliance solutions to accounting software, the Lightfoot API is fully available for our customers to address all your business needs.

Lightfoot’s patented nudge system

Expand in-vehicle functionality

As a versatile fleet management solution, Lightfoot allows you to integrate third-party hardware with our in-cab device to create one connected platform with added functionality. This makes it possible for you to capture supplementary data from in and around your vehicles, helping to fulfil your business requirements and enhance the capabilities of your Lightfoot system through bespoke integration and development.

Connect with trusted solutions

Get the most out of your Lightfoot fleet management system by seamlessly connecting with our tried and tested integration partners.

Connect with trusted solutions

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