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Win prizes

Win prizes

Get rewarded for your hard work with prize giveaways, weekly lottery draws, and exclusive discount codes

Beat the competition

Beat the competition

Compete against friends, colleagues, and your own personal best to be the highest scoring driver each week

Enjoy peace of mind

Enjoy peace of mind

A reduced risk of downtime helps you cut out unnecessary hassle, reduce stress levels, and hit daily targets

Become self-managing

Become self-managing

Forget ‘Big Brother’ – take control of your own driving performance with real-time feedback and alerts

Free up your time

Free up your time

Easily complete functional tasks via the Lightfoot app, reducing the need for paperwork and cutting admin time

Stay safe

Stay safe

Keep yourself out of harm’s way and get home safely at the end of each day with fewer accidents and close calls

Hear from those behind the wheel

See what Lightfoot could mean for you with first-hand testimonials from drivers already using the device and app:

How does Lightfoot work?

The Lightfoot device is connected to your vehicle’s engine, so it can accurately understand how you’re driving.

Sitting on your dash, the device offers guidance through real-time feedback, so you can alter your driving in the moment if you need to.

You’ll receive feedback through a combination of visual and audible prompts – the Lightfoot traffic light system and spoken messages.


The lights consist of both a long-term light – located at the top of your device – and short-term lights, found at the bottom.

The long-term light indicates your overall driving performance – green, amber, or red. Staying in green or amber is the goal as this will keep your Lightfoot score high.

The short-term lights will move up and down to reflect your driving as it happens – again, the aim is to stick to green and amber lights as red will impact your score.



Whilst the lights give you a good idea of how you’re driving, you’ll mostly be guided by the voice prompts so you’re not having to take your eyes off the road.

You’ll receive a series of warnings if performing any risky manoeuvres or driving aggressively – these are a reminder to ease off and drive a little more gently whenever you can.

There are three stages of spoken messages:

Nudge / Go steady

“Nudge” / “Go steady”

This is the first warning that you may want to adjust your driving style. It’s confidential between you and your device.

Nudge nudge / Warning 2

“Nudge nudge” / “Warning 2”

This is the second warning, letting you know that you could be driving more smoothly and that you will receive a penalty if you don’t adjust your style. Again, this is confidential between you and your device.

Increase driver safety

“Lightfoot penalty received”

Dangerous or harsh driving will result in a penalty, which reduces your Lightfoot score. Penalties are recorded in the weekly reports sent to management and will appear in your Lightfoot app.

Ultimately, the Lightfoot device is there to improve your awareness of how you’re driving, helping you to make small, routine adjustments that make a big difference to overall performance. Soon, driving in a smoother style becomes an old habit, without any need for tedious training sessions, disciplinary action, or awkward conversations with managers.

Your Lightfoot score

Your goal is simple – continue to be a great driver and keep your Lightfoot score high.

Your Lightfoot score

To do this, you need to keep the lights on your Lightfoot device in the green as often as possible, which can be achieved by driving smoothly and safely. Doing so will help you unlock Elite Driver status within your Lightfoot app, giving you access to prizes, giveaways, discounts, and many other rewards.

To become an Elite Driver, your Lightfoot score needs to stay at 85% or higher each week. Why 85%? Because we know that real-world driving doesn’t allow for a perfect 100% score. In fact, inefficient driving is sometimes necessary to stay safe – for example, when you need to quickly build speed on a slip road, accelerate at a roundabout, or overtake other road users.

Every journey you make is going to involve moments like these – they’re an unavoidable part of everyday driving. That’s why you only need to reach a score of 85% - it gives you plenty of scope to get up to speed quickly or nip out at a junction without costing you the recognition you deserve for being a safe and efficient driver.

Lightfoot drivers get rewarded

The Lightfoot app lets you keep track of your score, submit expense claims, and perform vehicle checks…but that’s not all.

Through the app, you can also enter competitions, win cash prizes and giveaways, access exclusive discount codes, and compete in driver leagues!

It’s all part of getting rewarded for the great work you do every day behind the wheel.

The Drivers’ Lottery

The Drivers’ Lottery

Hit Elite Driver status and you’ll be eligible to enter The Drivers’ Lottery. Through this you’ll have a 1 in 10 chance of winning cash prizes between £2 and £100 every week.

Prize giveaways

Prize giveaways

Elite Drivers can also enter our weekly competitions to win incredible prizes, ranging from hampers and vouchers to experience days and trips away.

League tables

League tables

Battle it out between friends, colleagues, and counties to become top of the leader board and show everyone how good a driver you really are.

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Your frequently asked questions

We know you might have a lot of questions about driving with Lightfoot – here are answers to our most common FAQs:

Your Lightfoot device is connected to your vehicle’s onboard computer, from which it’s able to collect and understand the raw engine data as you drive.

Lightfoot has been developed by automotive engineers and uses F1-style analytics to process the information it reads from your engine. This allows it to understand your driving style in a much more advanced way than standard telematics devices and black boxes.

For example, the system can detect your gear selection, revs, engine load, payload, whether your vehicle is going uphill or downhill, and even whether it’s towing. This enables it to provide much more relevant feedback on your driving than systems that simply rely on GPS or harsh driving metrics.

Although Lightfoot is connected to your vehicle, it cannot alter any of your vehicle settings – it simply reads the information in order to provide guidance on how to increase your driving efficiency at any given moment.

Your Lightfoot score is calculated based on the time you spend driving in the green, amber, and red zones.

Lightfoot measures the time your device was showing the green light and then subtracts any time spent with the red light showing. Deductions are also made for any Lightfoot penalties you received during your journeys that week.

Remember, no one is expecting you to stay in the green 100% of the time – as long as you score 85% at the end of the week, you’ll be an Elite Driver and eligible for rewards and giveaways.

The key to scoring highly with Lightfoot is driving in a safe and efficient style that results in less fuel consumption, fewer harmful emissions, and reduced wear and tear on your vehicle.

Driving in a smoother way will also make you to feel more relaxed, which helps you be more aware of your surroundings, anticipate other road users’ actions, and spot potential hazards early on. With quicker reactions, not only are you a safer driver, but you’ll also have less need for harsh driving manoeuvres like sudden braking or speeding away.

However, don’t worry if you do receive the occasional nudge or warning from Lightfoot – that’s part of everyday driving and these will be confidential between you and your device. Just make small adjustments where you can and you should still hit the Elite Driver target.

Lightfoot is there to guide you towards more efficient driving but remember that it can’t see the road ahead.

You may notice your device’s lights turn amber or red when you join fast-moving traffic, but this doesn’t mean you are doing anything wrong – it’s just letting you know that your driving style could be more efficient in that moment.

Speeding up quickly isn’t a particularly efficient or economical way of driving – but it is sometimes necessary, especially when joining motorways from slip roads, accelerating at a roundabout, or pulling away at junctions. It’s absolutely fine to do these things as they are all part of being a safe driver, and that’s why we’d never expect you to keep your Lightfoot device in the green 100% of the time – it’s just not practical for everyday driving.

As long as you’re driving smoothly whenever it’s safe to do so, we think you really are an Elite Driver!

Driver privacy is a big focus here at Lightfoot, which is why we give you and your employer plenty of options to customise Lightfoot and ensure it’s as non-intrusive as possible.

Your employer can set the time that Lightfoot is operative in your vehicle, so if you’re using it for personal driving, it can be switched off outside of business hours.

With the Driver ID pad, you can also indicate which journeys to log as private or personal mileage, and if any journeys are wrongly logged, you can re-classify these through your Lightfoot app.

Still have questions?

If you have a query about Lightfoot, need help with your account, or want to send us a suggestion, you can reach our friendly team via our dedicated support centre.